CABAL Force Blader Guide For Dummies v2.0

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*update* Before proceeding to my FB guide, here are some useful CABAL tips and formulas that I've picked from many of my comments on this post (or click here to skip this part):

*To win PvPs, it is important to deal as much damage as possible to your opponent. So you need equipments that can increase your Attack, Sword Amp and most importantly Crit.

*In PvE, it is crucial that you must survive or prevent yourself from dead. So you must have high defense to reduce the damage you receive from mobs and high defense rate to make mobs miss their attacks (which means no damage) on you more often, which is why Def Rate is much more important in PvE. Lifesteal is another option where you can absord HP and recover yourself from the damage you deal.

*Crit means Critical hit, the blue damage numbers that occasionally come out when you attack. Critical hits damage are counted by multiplying your normal damage with the % of crit damage you have and all characters have a base critical damage of 120% (means +20% crit damage and 100% is actually the normal damage you deal from a non-crit attack). E.g. assume that you have 60% crit dmg from your equips and you deal 2000 dmg on a Bloody Orc, so when you make a critical hit, it'll be 2000 X (120%+60%) = 3600 damage.

Critical Rate on the other hand, is the % of chances that you'll make a critical hit. Hence, more Crit Rate means you'll crit more frequently and more crit dmg means you'll deal more damage when you crit. Crit Rate limit is 50% and base crit rate is 5% for all characters and to raise the limit you have to wear +max crit rate items (+max crit rate will not work if your current crit rate doesn't reach above 50%).

*Amp means Amplifier, which is the multiplier of your base attack. Formula to count the damage you deal is Attack X Amp% + Additional Damage. E.g. assumed that you have 700 Attack and you use Assassinate lvl 9 which has amp 1.7 (which means 170%) and Add. Attack (additional damage)of 904 and you have 10% of sword amp from your equips, so 700 X (170%+10%) + 904 = 2164 damage. The final damage you deal on your enemies will be affected by their defense and level.

*More Def Rate increases the chances of your enemies missing their attacks on you. More Att Rate increases the chances of you NOT missing your attack on your enemies. However, when you use combo, you won't miss your attacks.

*Life/HP steal/absorb formula is your lvl divided by 10 + Max HP Steal from your equips AND you need items that have HP steal % in order to steal HP and to determine the lifesteal limit. So assumed that you are lvl 130, wear a life absorb ring +2 (5% HP Steal from total damage), Vampiric Amulet +4 (Max HP Steal +40HP) and you deal 2000 damage on a Bloody Orc, hence you steal 130/10 + 40 = 53HP per hit and your lifesteal limit is 2000 x 5% = 100HP per hit. HP steal is counted per target hit, which means the more targets you hit, the more HP you steal, e.g. using the above situation, if you happen to hit 3 Bloody Orcs, you'll steal a total of 53 X 3 = 159HP.

*Stat bonuses that you'll get from every skill rank up:

Nov > App442010
App > Reg663015
Reg > Exp884020
Exp > A.Exp10105025
A.Exp > Mas12126030
Mas > A.M14147035
A.M > G.M14148040
G.M > Comp14149045
Comp > Trans14 14 10050

Nov > App441020
App > Reg661530
Reg > Exp882040
Exp > A.Exp10102550
A.Exp > Mas12123060
Mas > A.M14143570
A.M > G.M14144080
G.M > Comp14144590
Comp > Trans14 14 50100

Now here goes my FB guide:


FB is a an all-round balanced character with decent stats, good in both PvE (Player versus Environment/Monsters) and PvP (Player vs Player). No doubt that FBs have the best looking gears/equipments and skill animations + some Devil May Cry kind of style in them which is too cool to resist.

Also, due to FBs skill distribution which goes to all STR, INT and DEX, enable them to wear all type of equipments (Amourset, Battleset, Martialset) according to your needs (eg. armourset for more def, martial for more def rate, battleset for better looking and balance def+def rate)

However being a hybrid class, FB's stats distribution made them a weak melee class character compare to Warriors and Bladers because of their low base attack and base defense. But with a good combination of gears/equipments, FBs can really pawn hard.

Stats distribution:

*Update* Guide on FB Stats Build has been fully revised. Click here to view it!

Gears/Equipments: *updated for better vision*

FBs have relatively high Crit Rate and Crit Damage due to Lightning Blade buff and on higher levels you can even stack it together with Ice and Fire Blade after rank up quest (WOW!). Also, due to FBs low base Attack, FBs won't deal good damage with full sword amp gear. So GO CRIT WHEN YOU CAN CRIT AND THE REST GO AMP/HP, hence FB equipment formula, Crit>Amp>HP.

PVP/War Gears preferably (armourset/battleset/terragrace +6/7):

  • 2 ring of luck+2
  • Amulet of Battler/Amulet of Pain
  • Double Slotted Crit Damage Helm (Crafted Deathblow 5/8% crit damage if possible)
  • Double Slotted Crit Damage Osmium (or higher) Blade / Lapis (or higher) Crystal (Deathblow if possible)
  • [Amp][HP] or [HP][HP] Double Slotted Suit (Crafted Will or Amp if possible)
  • HP Double Slotted Boots (Crafted Will if possible) or [Amp][HP] boots (rare)
  • Gloves slotted Amp (rare) or crafted guard/destruction and slot with whatever you like
  • 2 Vital Earrings
  • 2 Bracelet of Fighters +1 or above
  • Epaulette of Fighter +6 or above
  • Astral Board (Bike not recommended as it does not +HP)

PVE: Use the above set for full damage and you may replace vital earrings with earring of guard and you may use amulet of guard+8 or above. OR use lifesteal set to survive longer in higher level dungeons. Lifesteal set:

  • replace 1 ring of luck with 1 life absorb ring or force absorb ring with 5% lifesteal (yes 1 ring is enough, and you should focus on items that can raise lifesteal limit/+max HP steal)
  • use Vampiric Amulet +3 or above
  • Vampirice Earrings
  • Other equips crafted vampire if possible but not necessary
  • lifesteal formula is stated on top of this guide

Skills: *updated for Episode 2 as requested*

Although FBs don't do much damage, their skills have additional effects such as lower enemy's defense, attack, and deal damage overtime (which is really useful).

Generally, skills that are worth keeping in high levels are:

  • Assassinate(lvl9 or 12)
  • Infernal Impact (lvl9 or 12)
  • Abyssal Crystal (lvl20)
  • Infernal Stigma (lvl18/19/20)
  • Force Assault (lvl20)
  • Dance of Ruin (lvl20)
  • Force Slash (lvl20)
  • Dash (lvl9)
  • Fade step (lvl9)

*all lvl 20 but there might not be enough points, so lower some skills that you don't use often
  • Hard Luck
  • Field of Enervation
  • Field of Execration
  • Mana Freeze
  • Lightning Canon
  • Wind Canon
  • Aqua Canon
  • Stone Canon
  • Lightning Blade
  • Aqua Vitality
  • Wind Movement
  • Earth Guard
  • Lower Defense (optional)
  • Blind (optional)
  • Enervation (optional)
  • Execration (optional)
  • Ice Blade when you reach lvl 140 *Lightning and Ice Blade can be stacked once you have done the lvl140 class rank up quest
  • Fire Blade when you reach lvl 170 *Lightning, Ice Blade and Fire Blade can be stacked together once you have done the lvl170 class rank up quest

  • Vitality Mastery
  • Offensive Sense
  • Defensive Sense (you may replace Defensive Sense with Reflex to get more Def Rate for PvE)
  • Impact Control
  • Damage Absorb
  • Sixth Sense

PVP: Force Assault>Force Slash>Assassinate>Force Assault>Force Slash>Dance of Ruin/Crystal>Infernal Impact (as finisher)

or Force Assault>Force Slash>Assassinate>Infernal Impact>Dance of Ruin/Crystal>Assassinate

DO NOT use long cast time skills like Force Impact or Infernal Stigma because they greatly reduce you DPS!

PVE: Stigma(to stun)>Assassinate>Infernal Impact>Dance>Assassinate>Stigma (for this combo assassinate and infernal impact must be lvl9)

Battle Modes: *minor update for the new BM2*

Force Enchanter, probably one of the strongest BM1 among all characters. Besides having stats bonus like Battle Aura and BM2, if you have the following canons: Aqua, Stone, Wind and Lightning, they will automatically be casted as your Aqua Vitality, Earth Guard, Wind Movement and Lightning Blade.

These new buffs are not the same as your 4 regular buffs, instead they give a heck lot more bonus attributes, like Aqua Canon (Aqua Vitality) gives 1000++ HP/MP, Stone Canon (Earth Guard) gives 200++ Def, Lightning Canon (Lightning Blade) gives 200++ Att and well over 1000++ Def Rate/Att Rate from Wind Canon.

These bonus attributes are directly affected by your magic attack and the lvl of your canons, hence more magic attack + higher canon lvl = more bonus in BM1. You can consider using +magic attack items like EoS, mana condense pots & friendly buffs from FA/Wiz when you wanna use BM1, e.g. in high lvl dungeons.

*note* You can't cast your 4 normal buffs in BM1. Instead, they will be auto re-casted soon after you finish your BM1.

Battle Mode 2 for Force Bladers has been changed after the new update, thanks to DUDONG PUGE for the heads-up. Lasers will no longer be available when you cast magic skills during BM2. Basically, all you have to do now is to activate auto-attack and normal attack your target, and your FB will start using a different style of melee attack. The following video is a demonstration of the new FB BM2 by F9AngeL:


Finally, a video of Force Blader with a little mix of Devil May Cry theme which I found in Youtube:


Remember to read these following guides as well:
*notice* Comments on this posts has exceeded 200! Click here to view from comment #201 onwards, thank you all for your continuous support!

This post is still opened for discussion to all fellow FBs and CABAL fanatics.


Leon said...

Nice guide =)
Can u tell me the best stats build for most dmg?

Haze said...

Thanks a lot for paying our blog a visit, Leon and sorry for the late reply. You can find your answer in this post:
Recommended Force Blader Stats Build

Carlos said...

This is a great guide, but could you possibly make a list of what skills to keep and which to skip over?

Haze said...

They are stated under the "Skills" compartment of the guide. Those skill setups are most common among high level FBs.

As for what skills to skip, it's best for you to try them out by yourself and see what suits your gameplay/style more (like some FBs prefer Illusion Stab over Dance of Ruin, etc). IMO, all the skills are useful.

By the way, this guide is published before the arrival of Episode 2: The War Begins, and as you can see the European server has not release the new skills yet. In EP2, most skills will be changed.

I'll keep this blog updated.

Anonymous said...

what are usually the armors being used for fb, like i see theres a red one and a green one @.@
and i can't find any guide that shows how all the armors look like.

Haze said...

All types of armors (except those class specified like terragrace, shineguard, mystic and shadowtitanium) can be used if you meet the stats requirements listed here.

note* Stat requirements will increase if the armor is upgraded.

There are only 3 sets of armors in CABAL, which are Armourset, Battleset and Martialset and FBs typical set is the Battleset. However if you want to gain more defense, you can consider using Armourset by adjusting your stat points according to the item's requirement.

For example, you are a Force Blader and you want to wear an osmium armoursuit +0, you must follow one of the armoursuits stat requirements, either for Warriors (389str, 49int, 97dex) or Force Shielders (243str, 195int, 97dex). As you can see, Warriors armoursuit mainly focus on STR and low amount of INT, which doesn't suit FBs stats distribution (because FBs focus on all three stats), thus you should follow F.Shielders stats to wear it.

It's as simple as that. Hope you get what I mean. If you have more questions, please feel free to post them.

SilverCrimz said...

hi im the previous Anonymous poster. Anyways, i'm still kinda new in cabal. I've been reading up lots of FB guides and mostly suggest either a dex or int/dex build however yours suggest one that has a lil more str then the usual fb builds.

My main question now is, which one is actually more ideal for pve/pvp. I won't ask which is the best build since everything still bogs down to the skills of the player and the equipments.

anyways thanks in advance :)

Haze said...

PVP or PVE, the answer is still the same, 278str, 223int and the rest goes to dex. Reasons:

1. STR and DEX both give the same ATTACK and DEFENSE. Only difference is DEX gives more ATT RATE and DEF RATE, which only raises the chances of monsters missing their attacks on you and remember, RATES doesn't apply when combo is activated, which is why RATES are not as important as ATTACK and DEFENSE.

2. It's the minimum stat requirement for +6 slotted osmium armoursuit and +6 slotted redosmium blade. Armourset gives the most defense and Blades/Crystals gives most ATTACK.

3. You can easily switch between any +6 armorsets (osmium armourset, battleset, martialset and terragrace) and any +6 osmium/redosmium/topaz/lapis weapons without further altering your stat points.

4. INT gives lowest ATTACK and DEFENSE, so no point going more than 223int. WE DO NOT NEED MAGIC ATTACKS, WE ARE NOT MAGIC CANON SPITTING MACHINES.

5. I couldn't think of any more suitable stat builds than this. Only if by any chance you can get a sword amp slotted mythril item or any super items, then you might consider altering your stats a little bit.

6. If you feel like changing your stats, just use extraction potions to undo stat points. You can easily get extraction potions from mobs and players only sell them for cheap 100k alz each.

Good luck and happy gaming.

SilverCrimz said...

ahh alright. Thanks a bunch on the comments :)

Haze said...

You're welcome.

Ven said...

Nice guide! Thanks. It is exactly what i needed.

Haze said...

Appreciate that.

A person said...

Why get envernation. you can only use on normal monsters. It can't be used on bosses and characters. Rather get Feild on envernation. Why not also get mana freeze. You can choose. It will help on PvP. My combo for PvP is Assault>Slash>*Stigma>Dance>Infernal Impact>Crystal>Dance Crystal and dance can replace with force impact. Repeat from *.
Other Wise do the combo and only use assault and slash at the begining of the attack for a monster.

If you want, you can replace defensive sense for reflex.

When PvPing,use combo i gave and use force impact for finishing move because it holds them in place. Don't round cut but instead get illusion stab or force drive(your choice) because much more useful.

Your guide okay. You need to think more about skills.

Haze said...

"A person", FYI,this guide was published before CABAL episode 2 was release, so new skills like Mana Freeze, F.O.Enervation and Execration wasn't there when I was writing this guide and the round cut thing is for PVE not PVP.

(PVE=Player Versus Environment/Monster, PVP=Player VS Player or Duel)

For PVP, why would you use Infernal Stigma in the middle of your combo, it has long cast time and therefore reduce your DPS. In episode 2 my combo changed to Force Assault>Assassinate>Infernal Impact>Dance>Crystal>Assasinate, the PVP should end even without the Assassinate at the end.

And Force Impact is a totally useless skill now in Episode 2 so don't ever invest any points on that skill.

As for PVE, Stigma>Assassinate>Infernal Impact> Dance>Assasinate>Stigma and so on.

AND lastly, I have updated that Skills part of this guide to clear things up. Thanks for visiting!


Anonymous said...

you said we need fade step. Any support to a reason why we need it and how we can use it to our advantage? Use it for fade-step comboing? is fade-step comboing even good to use? i dont see people using it at all... thanks in advance!

Haze said...

Well Fade Step is not advisable to use in PVP. It's use mainly in guild wars, war channel and nation wars.

Fade Step will cause your opponent to lose target on you and they will have to click on you again to re-target.

If your opponent is not smart enough to re-target you during their combo, they'll face a combo break (loss combo).

Anonymous said...

ermm can i ask every one of u a question? For Force blader will we be using more sword skills or magic skill?

Haze said...

They are both important and used frequently, sword for attacking skills and magic for buffs and debuffs.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm new in Cabal as well. AS far as i knw, the battleset will go up to as high as plus 5 (from mobs) ... erm, how do i get it to plus 6/7? sorry i'm new.. and i heard that we can only craft clean stuff? so how do we craft a double slotted crit battleset if its double slotted? if u could tell me, thanks! =) appreciate it

Haze said...

To plus an item, you need upgrade cores, depending on the class of the item, for example:
aramid/shadowsteel items: low upgrade core
bluestin/titanium: medium upgrade core
osmium and shineguard/terragrace/mystic: high upgrade core
mithril: highest upgrade core

To craft an item, first you need to choose a type of crafting (artifact, armourset, battleset, martialset or weapon)when you reach lvl 50. Then you can start crafting by collecting the materials you need for a certain craft item. Read this to know more.

To slot an item, you need to see the core alchemists and choose to upgrade item. Then put in the item you want to slot and 1 or more force cores, and a catalyst. For example, to slot a battlehelm with crit damage, you need a clean slot(single or double) battlehelm, a force core, and a clean slot greatsword/daikatana as catalyst. There are also level 2 enchants when you use 2 or 3 force cores without catalyst. I can't cover everything in this small comment box, I suggest you to read this beginner guide.

Xaidiz said...

Hello, I'm currently playing CabalSEA, Lvl 61

I was wondering, in your guide you say its easier going for +7 Osmium armor, and it helps you in PVP.

So what about PVE? Lets take an example where it is hard enough to get vampiric equips, won't terragrace be a better choice due to higher chances for mob to miss?

Haze said...

Yes, terragrace crafted or slotted performs better in PVE due to its high def and def rate.

Double slotted + crafted osmiums are still the best for PVP because you get more HP and Crit Dmg.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean we can craft a slotted eq and then upgrade it (the same eq)? or we can either craft it or just upgrade it? and not both?

Haze said...

You can do both.

Xaidiz said...

Hiya, its me again. I just wanna ask how do you level up your skill rank? And what do you think is the best way

Cause here in CabalSEA, I see alot of people grind by punching,as for me, I just grind wearing adept armor,rings and ammy?

Haze said...

The best way to skill grind is to combo with low level, low damage and fast cast time skills, such as magic arrow,impact stab,rising shot,flash draw, etc so you can cast skills faster and do more combos while wearing full adept set.

You should only consider punching if you really wanna get AFK, since punching is kinda slow.

Normally I just wear full adept set and grind/quest as usual then start skill grinding when I was about to rank up and still manage to get dualtranz rank by lvl 120+.

Xaidiz said...

I see, thanks for the info because there's some people here who's already dual trans by lvl 50+..

So i'm kinda worried that i won't be able to stand a chance in PVP seeing im already lvl 65 and only dual A.E (Prolly Master/A.E by tonight ^_^)

Haze said...

There is nothing much to worry since everyone will still get on the same ranks (dualtranz) in the end. It's only a matter of time.

Scud said...

Don't worry about the skill points.
Everyone is doing their best.

But there is actually no point to get much skill points at such low level.

Firstly, it is a waste of Alz buying high level skill. As most of them may not have.

Secondly, after level 70 or 100+, that's when time consumed to level. It also means time for you to skill up.

So, in the end these guy may ended up quiting this game in early level.

candle said...

Hi Haze I have a few questions: do I need the skill "force kick"? What lvl should my dash and fade step be? Thx in advance.

Haze said...

Max Dash & Fade Step (lvl 9). I don't use Force Kick because of its long cool time and FB already has Infernal Stigma to stun, so you don't have to invest on this skill. But if you find it to be useful for youself, you can use it.

Anonymous said...

do you think it is worth getting execration?

Haze said...

Execration and Field Of Execration are used mainly in wars to help you escape or gangbang your opponents. Take note that opponents can easily escape themselves from Execration and Field Of Execration by using return stone (except in Tierra Gloriosa). I recommend you to buy Field Of Execration because it covers a large AOE and Execration is not really necessary.

Anyway, you don't have to invest on both these skills until you have finish learning all the important buffs and debuffs, and when you have extra skill points and alz to spend on.

confused said...

hi there. I was wondering if i should get reflex over defensive sense because most said that reflex is more useful than defensive sense. So, what do you suggest?

Haze said...

For PVE, Reflex is better.

For PVP, Defensive Sense will be a better choice.

Anonymous said...

i got question bcoz im thinkin of dis combo force assault >force slash>stigma>dance of ruin>crystal

this is my combo do you think its better to use it i use stigma to get stun the enemy and make the poison longer to him...

Haze said...

You cannot stun your opponent while his in combo mode. Stigma's cast time is too long, so it actually gives you a lower damage per second (DPS), that's why Stigma is useless in PvP. I suggest you to get Infernal Impact and Assasinate as soon as possible, then you can stop using Stigma in PvP.

lol said...

Nice guide, but why do you keep some of your skills at lvl 20? isn't it better to leave it at 18?

Haze said...

Some skills like Dance Of Ruin and Crystal can be put at lvl 20 for maximum damage because they have low cool time even at lvl 20. Also skills like Force Slash and Force Assault should be maxed to get the highest damage overtime. Well it all depends on what your combo is, if you couldn't continue with lvl 20 skills, then put them at lvl 18 for a much lower cool time. Just remember Assasinate and Infernal Impact is best to stay at lvl 9 or 12 and aqua, stone, wind, and ligthning canon should be lvl 20 for your Battle Mode 1.

Anonymous said...

Hi, so from ur perspective, is it more advisable to use OSM +6 or terra +6? for both pvp and pve. =) oh and the amulet of pain, must it be +6 as well? or +0 is fine? would really be great if u could tell me that. thanks

Haze said...

I personally like osm more cuz there are 2 slots + crafted and easier to obtain. Though they are just a few DEF lower than terragrace, it doesn't really matter.

As for amulet of pain, it can only be crafted, you can't upgrade it. So it usually gets much more expensive when it's a higher + and you need to find someone who can actually craft it to sell it to you. You can compare the stats of each amulets here

sandlot said...

I got a life stealing ring but its only 2%. should I replace my critical ring (its 5%)

Haze said...

I believe your character is still low in level. Consider wearing adept rings and amulets at this stage to increase your skill experience so you can rank up faster.

sandlot said...

oops i meant ring of luck

Haze said...

You should only consider wearing lifesteal ring when you have vampiric earrings and vampiric amulet to raise your lifesteal limit and its only for PvE, otherwise use ring of luck. But if you are still low in skill level, you should wear adepts.

fbisexy said...

This is a great guide. But why should I get enervation if I'm going to get field of enervation?

Haze said...

Enervation has a much much lower cool time (you can repeatly cast it) compared to Field Of Enervation, hence it's much more suitable to be used against boss fights and dungeon bosses together with lower defense and blind to kill them faster. While Field Of Enervation is mostly use in Wars (also some times in PvE), against a large crowd of enemies together with Field Of Execration.

grover said...

"And Force Impact is a totally useless skill now in Episode 2 so don't ever invest any points on that skill."


Haze said...

Force Impact has a cast time of 5 seconds, which is very very long, hence it's damage per second is very low. Imagine how many skills we can cast within the 5 seconds, like force assault + force slash + Assasinate which give much much more damage than a single Force Impact. We already have Assasinate and Infernal Impact now, so no point getting Force Impact.

Anonymous said...

In pvp, do I need to use combo mode first or do i need to perhaps use a skill first then use combo mode

Haze said...

Just start your combo as soon as possible so you can gain the upperhand. However if you want to use any debuffs like enervation or mana freeze, you can use it before you start your combo but most of the time I just start my combo straight away because I wanna have a fair fight without any cheap debuff skills.

Anonymous said...

do you think its worth getting resist intension and hard luck?

Haze said...

Resist Intension is not worth getting. Hard Luck is a good debuff, you should consider getting it.

Anonymous said...

why i need to keep assasinate and infernal impact at lvl 9 and 12? thnx for answering out question^^,)

Haze said...

It's best to keep both Assasinate and Infernal Impact at lvl 9 because lvl 9 has the lowest cool time, which means you can re-cast them faster. Lvl 12 has a slightly higher cool time than lvl 9. Any other lvl will have even higher cool time, so it will be difficult for you to set, continue or repeat your combo. When you can't meet the skill's cool time, you'll have to add in some other skills within your combo, hence lowering your overall damage in a single combo chain.

HavoC said...

why we need to max enervation? i find it useless in pvp coz you cant cast it on players..

Haze said...

It's up to you whether you wanna max it or not as some players don't. I use it together with Lower Defense against bosses in dungeons to kill them faster, that's all.

HavoC said...

k thanks ^^.. btw after we maxed this skills "Sword: Assassinate(lvl9), Infernal Impact (lvl9 or 12) , Abyssal Crystal, Infernal Stigma, Force Assault, Dance of Ruin, Force Slash (all lvl20), dash and fade step." about how many skill points are available?

Haze said...

I have extra 500+ sword skill points and 100+ magic skill points at the moment with my skill ranks both full trans/trans. But I think the magic points will not be enough if I'm going to max some other buffs/debuffs that I haven't tried.

HavoC said...

so i can learn other skills for grinding purpose... thanks ^^ your site helped me a lot.. hope you can share your full stat build so i can slightly change mine.. if you dont mind.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hmm..Hi!im maverick from the philippines and CAbal is new here im a FB too. you said that probably the best way to grind skills is to use lowlevel skills with fast cast and + comboing. (my question is that do have to just let the skill stay on level 1 or you add more skill points to it?.) tnx in advance.. by the this is a nice blog..

Haze said...

To Havoc: You can check out my post about FB stat build here.

To Maverick: If you are just using those skills for skill grinding, then you can just put them at lvl 1.

HavoC said...

i've seen your guide on stat build.. i just want to see how many stats we can gain overall like 400str 500dex 227int..

Haze said...

Here's a really useful character stat builder made by MrThink:

It covers almost everything, including char lvl, skill rank, upgrade skills, etc.

HavoC said...

wow! thanks.. you really helped us a lot..

Anonymous said...

Hi i would like to ask. Does Hard Luck indirectly increases a players "max" crit rate? I heard that a player's max crit rate is capped at 50%. so lets say if i have 50% crit rate already. and i throw in a hard luck on the enemy, do i indirectly get another 10% crit rate?

Haze said...

Hard Luck lowers your enemy's critical rate and damage RESISTANCE, which is counted separately from your FB's crit rate and damage. So, yes it will increase your chance to crit regardless how much crit rate/dmg your FB has.

Anonymous said...

Haze, should I wear armor all the time (all levels) or should I switch to armor when i have the stats for osmium armorset?

Haze said...

When you have the required stats to wear osmium armorset. Start adjusting your stats to 283str, 227int, rest dex earlier to avoid wasting too much money on extract pots in the future.

HavoC said...

i calculated mine together with the additional stats from rank skills but i still have to remove 35int.. right now im lvl 88 gmaster/master after getting both trans my stats will follow yours... what do you think i should add first dex or str?

Haze said...

Pump STR to around 250, then go all DEX. When you have extra INT (more than 227), shift it to STR and make STR 283, rest go DEX.

Anonymous said...

hi i would like to ask. In pvp, does the effect of execration cancels when i attack the enemy player? and when i cast execration, the enemy really can't do anything?

Haze said...

Execration only makes your opponent unmovable, he can still attack if you are within his skills' range. Execration will only finish when the effect duration is over and will not cancel if you attack your opponent.

Dispell said...

Just a noob question. 4Def or 4Atk? Which is more better in PVP?

Haze said...

For PvP, I prefer Attack.

HavoC said...

hi any site you would recommend for drop table, and any good site like yours for other classes guide?

Haze said...

The best place I can think of is the official forums, such as for Euro CABAL and for SEA CABAL where most players will meet. Use the forum search feature and you can probably find what you wanna know. If you are just too lazy to search, just start a new thread and ask or discuss.

HavoC said...

can we equips armorset following warriors stat requirements? how many stat you will need for every upgrade? i mean eg: armorsuit has 243str after +1 how many str we need?

Haze said...

If you go according to warrior's stats, you will be wasting too many points for STR. Just follow Shielder's stat. Go to the official website to find out how many additional stats you need for every upgrade under the "Information of change in ability requirements after upgrading item" in the items page (all the equipments are different).

If you +1 your armoursuit, then it will be +5 STR for Shielder while for Warrior you need +8 STR.

rav said...

is it really required to put assassinate and infernal impact to lvl9 only? or can i make it to lvl20? what re the pros and cons?

thanks... btw a nice guide... two thumbs up

Haze said...

"It's best to keep both Assasinate and Infernal Impact at lvl 9 because lvl 9 has the lowest cool time, which means you can re-cast them faster. Lvl 12 has a slightly higher cool time than lvl 9. Any other lvl will have even higher cool time, so it will be difficult for you to set, continue or repeat your combo. When you can't meet the skill's cool time, you'll have to add in some other skills within your combo, hence lowering your overall damage in a single combo chain." I believe I've stated this in my previous comments.

stevevai said...

Its a very nice Guide..
but i just want to ask something..
how about in Guild Wars.. or should i say Nation Wars.. do i need to keep my Assassinate, Infernal Impact, Stigma.. lvl 9..?? because making it lvl 20 will make more damage and stun time and down time will increase..??
thank you.. ^-^
another thing..
on the video of force blader skills w/ devil may cry theme..
i see a different kind of weapon there.. is a blade..?? or a katana..??
the one Cabal Online Video has.. the force blader there.. its not Osmium,. Red Osmium and Mithril right..??

Haze said...

Stigma is not used that frequently because it has long casting time and low damage, so you can put it at lvl 18, 19 or 20. However, its stun time does not increase for each lvl up.

As for Assassinate and Infernal Impact, you have to put them at lvl 9 for fastest cooldown time so you can re-cast them as fast as possible. Although lvl 20 deals a higher damage, but its cooldown time is way too high, approximately 20+ seconds as compared to lvl 9 (6sec for Assassinate and 7.9sec for Infernal Impact).

The weapon in the video is Shadowtitanium Blade.

HavoC said...

hi haze.. uhmm.. do you know how to make emblem? i heard it is dropped by monsters

Mazterhukom said...

Hi haze, i would like to ask whats the difference between attack and attack rate? def and def rate? what give more edge between this in damage and def?

Haze said...

Huh? What emblem are you talking about? Do you mean the guild emblem?

Haze said...

To Mazterhukom, Attack/Defense is what that affects the real damage output while Att Rate/Def Rate is what that affects the chances of you missing or hitting an attack. However Att Rate/Def Rate will not be applied in combo mode which means you will not miss in combo.

HavoC said...

yup guild emblem ^_^

Haze said...

As far as I know, guild emblem is a logo that appears beside the name of all the characters that belong to the same guild. This logo is an image uploaded by the guild leader and can only be edited or changed by the leader himself.

HavoC said...

how to upload it? like make a folder on directory and name it to emblem? and whats the size of the image?

Haze said...

Sorry Havoc, I'm afraid I can't help you with that since I'm not a guild leader myself and I stopped playing CABAL for a few months already because of works and school. Try asking guild leaders in game or in the forums.

Mazterhukom said...

So basically, attack/defense is our main target when upgrading skills? whats the difference between +1000 attack rate and +40 attack?or in any other way..ty

Haze said...

It depends whether you are active in PvP or PvE.

For PvP, Attack and Defense are more important since both duelists/players use combo, which means Att Rate/Def Rate are ignored.

However, for players who are actively engaged in PvE (to earn money and item) and don't PvP much, they will replace Defensive Sense with Reflex to survive longer in high level maps because monsters will miss their attack more often. Monsters deal much-much higher damage than players in PvP, so it's better for monsters to miss than to reduce their damage.

Att Rate is not as important as Def Rate since we use combo almost everytime we attack, so we can put Att Rate aside.

Lastly you should know that a small amount of difference like 5 Att/Def or 50 Att Rate/Def Rate will not be noticeable.

Mazterhukom said...

Thanks for clearing this up..good thing i haven't spend any alms yet on my upgrade except for vitality..

Anonymous said...

I'm a newbie question is, how many buffs can you use in all or can you use ice, fire,& lightning blade??tnx

Haze said...

Before lvl 140, it's 4 buffs in total, which are Aqua Vitality, Earth Guard, Wind Movement and Lightning Blade. After you've done the lvl 140 class rank up quest, you can stack 2 identical buffs, Lightning + Ice Blade. Also, once you finish your lvl 170 final class rank up quest, you can stack all the blades, Lightning + Ice + Fire Blade, which is why FBs have significantly high Crit Rate and Crit Damage at high levels.

Attraction said...

Hi Haze, first of all I'd like to thank you for making this helpful guide. I just want to ask some things, since I'm still a newbie in FBs.

1. Why use Cannons for BM1? You can just buff yourself up without using Cannons but still in BM1 right?

2. I'm using Crystals at the moment. I'm just wondering if the points to attack is worth more than the points in magic? Noob question anyways. >.<

3. Can you suggest what buffs/debuffs/magic skills should I max?

4. Is it worth using Armor equipment than Battle ones?

Thanks for answering and God Bless to you. ^^V

MrYoSo901 said...

i have one question regarding in using the bm1's cannon buffs...if
aqua canon for aqua vitality effect , stone canon for earth guard effect , wind canon for wind movement effect and lightning canon for lightning blade effect, what does the crystal and fire cannon do? is the crystal cannon's effect(buff) the same with aqua while fire with lightning? sorry kinda newbie here.. im lvl 62 btw a. expert playing cabal phil.. sorry if i accidentally post this twice b'cuz the internet connection here in the cafe is a little abnormal...

Haze said...

To Attraction:
1. When BM1 is activated, your normal buffs are cancelled out and your strongest canons are automatically casted to replace the buffs. Stone Canon for Earth Guard, Aqua Canon for Aqua Vitality, Wind Canon for Wind Movement and Lightning Canon for Lightning Blade.

2. Magic Attack is useless for FB because we don't actually use any other magic skills beside buffs/debuffs. Try to gain as much Attack as possible since FBs has low base attack.

3. Hard Luck, Field of Enervation, Field of Execration, Mana Freeze, Enervation, Lightning Canon, Wind Canon, Aqua Canon, Stone Canon, Lightning Blade, Aqua Vitality, Wind Movement, Earth Guard, (Lower Defense optional), (Ice & Fire Blade when you reach lvl 140 & 170). There might not be enough points to max all that, so lower some skills lvls that you don't use much.

4. If you want more defense, go Armour. If you want to look cooler, go Battle. Or combine both like me.

Haze said...

To MrYoSo901:
To put it simple:
Stone Canon - Earth Guard
Aqua Canon - Aqua Vitality
Wind Canon - Wind Movement
Lightning Canon - Lightning Blade
Crystal Canon - Ice Blade
Fire Canon - Fire Blade
Magic Canon - Enchant
*Among the 4 blade enchants, Lightning Blade gives the most Attack, Crit Rate & Damage, which is why we max Lightning Canon instead.
*Any other canons/lances have no function in BM1

Attraction said...

Thanks much. I'm still confused with the BM1 thingie though. You said the buffs will be removed once BM1 is activated. And the Cannons will automatically be cast to yourself. How can that happen? I mean, will it really "automatically" use itself to buff me up? Or do I have to press the hotkeys for the Cannons?

And instead of using Cannons, can't I just use the hotkey for the buffs instead of the Cannons? @.@

Much thanks, I'd ask again later. ^^V

Haze said...

Okay, I'll give you an example of BM1, Force Enchanter at lvl 11. So basically when you cast BM1, you'll get bonus attributes like this.

IN ADDITION to that, if you have the following canons: Aqua, Stone, Wind & Lightning, they will automatically be casted as your Aqua Vitality, Earth Guard, Wind Movement & Lightning Blade.

These new buffs are not the same as your 4 regular buffs, instead they give a heck lot more bonus attributes, like Aqua Canon (Aqua Vitality) gives 1000++ HP/MP, Stone Canon (Earth Guard) gives 200++ Def, Lightning Canon (Lightning Blade) gives 200++ Att and well over 1000++ Def Rate/Att Rate from Wind Canon.

These bonus attributes are directly affected by your magic attack and the lvl of your canons, hence more magic attack + higher canon lvl = more bonus in BM1. You can consider using +magic attack items like EoS, mana condense pots & friendly buffs from FA/Wiz when you wanna use BM1, e.g. in high lvl dungeons.

Lastly, you can't cast your 4 normal buffs in BM1. Instead, they will be auto re-casted soon after you finish your BM1.

Rider said...

haze. could you please teach how to upgrade items. how can i put +100 hp/Crit on my slotted armor? what items do i need?

Haze said...

First, go to the Core Alchemist, then choose to upgrade. Next put the item you wanna slot (e.g. clean slot osm armoursuit) into the first box. Now, put a force core in the middle box.

Finally the catalyst, which is the 3rd box. Put a SLOTTED HELM to get +50HP, which at minimum requirement, should be one grade lower than the item you wanna upgrade (e.g. slotted Shadowtitan or higher grade like osm or terra Helm if your upgrade item is osm armoursuit). You need to pay a certain fee depending on the upgrade item. Then click try upgrade and you are done.

If the upgrade fails, your main item remains but you'll lose your force core and catalyst. If your armoursuit has 2 slots, you can repeat the same process to get another +50HP, which equals +100HP.

*ONLY suit and boots can be slotted HP.
*ONLY weapons and helm can be slotted Crit Damage
*Daikatana/Great Sword is the catalyst for +10% Crit Damage
*All catalyst must be slotted
*For more details read this guide

RIder said...

i tried what you've said. the first attempt was a failure. i've repeated the same procedure but this time i've putted 2 FCH and a 1slot osm helm as a catalyst to upgrade my 2lot osm armor. and i did get +50 HP but pls explain why did i get MAX CRIT 2% at the 2nd slot? instead of another +50 HP? i did use a slotted helm as a catalyst? thanks. is +50HPand MAXCRIT +2% ok? if not can i remove the MC2% on my 2nd slot. thanks. sorry for this long message.

Haze said...

Rider... there are 2 different types of enchantments in slotting item:
1) Lvl 1 enchantments (in brackets is the catalyst):
*+50HP (helm)
*Att +2 (blade/katana)
*Magic +2 (orb/crystal)
*Def+2 (suit)
*Att Rate +40 (gloves)
*Def Rate +20 (boots)
*Crit Damage +10% (daikatana/great sword)
**Requires ONE and ONLY ONE force core
**Lvl 1 enchantments can be determined by using specific catalyst. If you upgrade with one force core and without catalyst, you'll get random lvl 1 enchantments.

2) Lvl 2 Enchantments:
*Crit Rate +5%
*Min Dmg +1
*HP Steal 2%
*MP Steal 2%
*Max Cri Rate +2%
*Sword Skill Amp +7% (mob drop only)
*Magic Skill Amp +7% (mob drop only)
*Flee Rate +?
*HP Auto Heal +2
*MP Auto Heal +2
*Damage +5
*Skill EXP per Skill +4 (mob drop only)
*Alz Drop Amount +?%
*1-slot Item Drop 1.2x
*2-slot Item Drop 2.5x
**Lvl 2 enchantments are totally random
**Requires 2 or 3 force cores and catalyst is not required (EVEN IF YOU PUT CATALYST, IT'LL BE IGNORED)

To raise the success rate, you should put in upgrade cores, not force core.

Your mistake is that you've put 2 FCH which results in lvl2 enchantment. You cannot undo what you've upgraded/slotted, you need to buy a new one. Best enchanment for suit will be +7% Sword Amp +50HP or +100HP. Max crit rate is not necessary if your current crit rate does not exceeed 50%.

Attraction said...

Hi Haze, it's me again. Just wanted to ask a few things.

1. Why get Force Slash and max it? Is it because of the -62 HP Down?

Non-FB Questions (If you may)

1. Is there any safe upgrade point for Astral Bikes?

2. Know anything to master dash/fade step + combo?


Attracti○n said...

Oh. I just forgot to ask whether if Enervation/Execration works in PvP/PKs? My friend says it don't work on people.

Haze said...

1)Force Slash and Force Assault is really useful in PvP because Damage Overtime can be stacked (can also be stacked with Infernal Impact), which means, you'll be draining down 120++ of your opponent's HP every 2 seconds regardless of his Defense, added together with the initial damage dealt by F.Slash & Assault and with only 1.3second cast time will actually deal more damage, more quickly than any other high lvl skills (except Assassinate).

2) Upgrading Astral Bike is just like normal upgrading of your equipments, which means the safe points and penalties are the same.
+1, +2, +3 no penalties if fail
+4 drop to +3 if fail
+5 drop to +4 if fail
+6 drop to +4 if fail
+7 drop to +0 if fail

3) I don't get what you mean by "to master" fade/dash combo. I just use fade/dash skill in combo like everybody else and all you need is just your fast fingers.

4) Skills that work in PvP/PK: Execration, Field of Execration, and Field of Enervation. Enervation doesn't work in PvP/PK.

Anonymous said...

can FORCE IMPACT be use as a finisher, because some players use it......

Attracti○n said...

Thanks much.

I'm really confused about the dash/fade step + combo, although I've done the dash + combo in training dummies. I can't get the hang of it.

Attracti○n said...

Hi, me again, just wanted to ask whether if Chaos Lamps drops Astral Bikes/Boards?

NewbiesFB said...

wow nice guide ..

HiHi^^ I'm a newbies so still in the stage of learning .. i wish to ask and clarify certain things.

-I'm currently wearing an adept battleset +3sp .. i checked with some of the FB in the same guild as me .. according to them, one character can onli hav max +12sp even though the character wore [which including the battleset and other adept accessories] more than +12sp .. the max we get will onli be +12sp. Is it true?

-U did mentioned that if we r low in skill lvl,we shld wear adept which i assume including the accessories. Erm i'm currently lvl44,Both sword&magic A.Expert,i'm nt wearing any adept accessories. I'm wearing the Amulet of Bless+1 and oso force absord ring. Is it fine wif it?

-I came to know that for FB, we shld increase our Dex rather than Str/Int. My stat currently is 115/113/134 [lvl44] & at this stat, i've met my FB growth lvl for lvl50[95/95/95]. so now,how shld i increase my stat? is it following the equipments stat?I'm currently onli do punching punching n punching coz they said it will giv us a better stat in future.

Pls help .. tq

Haze said...

To Anonymous: I recommend using Infernal Impact as finisher instead, since its faster and deals more damage than Force Impact, plus if you can successfully use 2 Assassinates and 1 or 2 Infernal Impacts in a single combo, your opponent should be dead already. So, there's no need to use Force Impact. Also, if you happen to use Force Impact as your finisher and if it doesn't kill your opponent, you'll be in deep trouble within that 5 seconds cast time.

Haze said...

To Attraction: Maybe you need more practice in real PvPs, so go get a friend to train PvP with you and do whatever combo you like.

About chaos lamps, I heard rumors about Astral Boards/Bikes from lamps but I never really saw one so far and if it's true, chances of getting it is like one out of a hundred million. Best items I see are plasma coatings and slot extenders but who knows maybe someday some guy will get a board/bike from chaos lamp since it's all about luck, lol.

Haze said...

To NewbiesFB:
1) Max total skill exp you can get from your equipments is approximately between 36 and 40.

2) Everyone should have 3 sets of equipments, which are PvP set (focus in crit/attack/damage/amp/hp), PvE set (focus in def/def rate/hp/lifesteal) and Adept set (focus in +skill exp up to the limit of 36-40). You should switch between these sets according to your needs and as for now, you should wear full adept set, including the accessories and you'll be needing it until you reach Sword & Magic Transcender ranks.

3) You should increase your stats according to your equipments requirement, just remember when you reach 283str and 227int, you should start push all stats to dex. Punching is one style of skill grinding to gain skill exp while you can afk and by gaining skill exp, you'll lvl up your skill ranks. For every skill ranks you get (e.g. master to a.master or g.master to completer), you'll get bonus stats. Every sword skill rank up will give additional STR and DEX while every magic skill rank up will give bonus INT and DEX.

Besides punching, you can also gain skill exp faster by doing fast combos using low lvl skills on high HP mobs.

Anonymous said...

i just know that in pvp, you are to battle against an opponent who knows what to do...

as a force blader engaged in duels, i make it a point that my opponent cannot escape me... my combo is listed below ( and it never failed me):
at the start of the duel,

force kick - execrate - infernal stigma - infernal impact - assassinate - abyssal crystal - then repeat starting with infernal stigma.

force kick is done because you can predict that the opponent will start the duel with a fadestep. if it hits, a 2 sec stun is produced thereby giving you time to cast execration (1.5secs cast time). when an opponent is execrated, there is big chance for him to lose a combo, this is the reason why infernal stigma is casted. infernal stigma has an 8 seconds stun so what do you expect next?

i prefer abyssal crystal over force drive becoz it takes faster time to cast and it has higher skill amplification (though force drive has slightly higher add-attack). my main damage-giving skills in a duel are assassinate and infernal impact. i used abyssal crystal just to have space for the cooldown of infernal impact, assassinate, and infernal stigma.

i play on cabalPh

Haze said...

Your combo is quite cool and unique. But I still like fast and deadly combo like the 2nd combo in my guide Assault>Slash>Assassinate>Assault>Slash>Crystal>Infernal Impact and/or add another Assassinate and/or Dance of Ruin if my opponent isn't dead, that way I'll have a much higher DPS and kill my opponent faster.

I don't wanna use Stigma because it will greatly lower my DPS and in case if it doesn't stun my opponent, most probably I might lose the match and I didn't mention using Force Drive in my guide because like you said, Crystal does the job.

Force Kick's cool time is too long for me since mostly I'll PvPing over and over again and a match usually ends in just a few seconds, so there's definitely no Force Kick for me in my next match. Hence, I don't include F.kick in my combo. Just my 2 cents and btw, your PvP style is cool.

NewbiesFB said...

Haze Thz for ur reply & it reali help me a lot in further understanding on how i shld train my FB .. just to confirm and check wif u few things as listed below:

1) As u said the max total skill exp is in between of 36-40 .. so to add up my sp .. i shld equipped myself with the adept ring&amulet to max my skill point?

2) If i were to change from punching to combo, will it be alrite for me?Is it i shld used those noob sword & orb & look for those mobs which higher hp such as the mobs with +?pls advise on this.

3) From ur experience,until which skill rank level i shld up to by using either combo or punching?is it G.Master or dual transcender only then i can proceed to do my quests and levelling my level

4) I've seek advise from my guild member be4 i came thru on ur guide .. according to them,they advise me to get all the magic buff skills and max all of them .. meanwhile for magic attack i shld onli stick on the 4 cannons which i can used during my BM1. Is it enuff point to max since if i get all the magic buff skills?

5) Due to i'm new in this game,so when i 1st trained my FB,i keep trained on my few skills such as Flash Draw,Impact Stab,Magic Arrow and I've up the skill to almost level 17/18. Is it advisable if i delete to below lvl10 in order to use the point to level my other sword skill?

6) In order to win in a pvp,is it necessary for me to combo? when pvp,i've seen some who did not use buff skills and some who used buff skills ..which is advisable?

I'm sorry for the long winding question but i hope u able to help me. Tq

Haze said...

1) Yes, and it's best to have every part of your adept equipment (including weapon, helm, suit, boots, gloves) +3 or +4 skill exp. When you're lvl70 and 80, you can also wear adept bracelet.

2) Yes, just wear your full adept set and combo with fast skills on high HP mobs like the ones with +.

3) Punching is when you have no time or just too lazy to combo or have to afk. Combo is faster but it requires more of your energy. You can do your quest anytime wearing full adept and you don't have to keep skilling all the time (you'll get bored sometimes), just play as you like. When you reach dual trans, you can get rid of your adept set.

4) Yes, your main priority for magic skills are the 4 main buffs, Lightning Blade, Earth Guard, Aqua Vitality and Wind Movement. Once you max the 4 buffs, you can start investing points on debuffs and the 4 canons (aqua, stone, wind, lightning). There might not be enough points to max all the buffs, debuffs and canons even if you're max trans magic, so try to lower some skills that you don't use often.

4) You can delete them or make those skills lvl 1-9 for skill grinding.

5) Combo is a MUST in PvP because you can cast skills faster and you will not miss your attacks in combo. Before you start a PvP, make sure you buff yourself first with the 4 main buffs. Or I guess you mean people use debuffs like lower defense/execration/hard luck/mana freeze in PvP? Well that depends on your PvP style, afterall FBs have the gayest debuffs in CABAL.

NewbiesFB said...

Haze, again thx so much for ur advise .. i realli appreciate it a lot .. Btw,

1) all the while i thought buff&debuff skill is the same but thru ur reply to me, i only realised that they are different. Can i know what is the diff of buff & debuff skill?in what condition we shld used buff or debuff? is it necessary to max up the debuff as well?Is it alrite if you able to list out the debuff skill for me?

2) For training combo, is it i shld use those novice skill to train my combo even though my skill rank now is dual expert? Pls advise.

3) i und that to master a combo, we got to practice practice and practice but is there tips or hint that i shld pay attention when practicing my combo? Pls advise as well

Haze,do you know bout FA or Blader? I mean hav you played those two character be4 other than your FB. If you did,do u think is alrite if i seek ur advise on this two character?

Tq ..

NewbiesFB said...

Haze, according to you, everyone should have 3 sets of equipments. According to you:
1) for PVP set [focus in crit/attack/damage/amp/hp]

2) PVE [focus in def/def rate/hp/lifesteal]

3] Adept [focus on skill exp]

Can you guide me how i shld know whether those equipments are meant for pvp or pve? wert is the meaning for crit, damage, amp, def rate & lifesteal? Pls advise.

Haze said...

1) Buffs are skills that can be used to strengten yourself and/or party members, (e.g. FB buffs are Wind Movement, Aqua Vitality, Earth Guard, Lightning Blade). Debuffs are skills used to weaken your enemies, (e.g. Hard Luck, Lower Defense, Field of Enervation, Field of Execration, Field of Execration, Enervation, Execration, Blind, Mana Freeze, etc). Look under the skills part of this guide for the buff/debuffs you should max.

2) Not neccessary to use novice skills, you can use whatever skills you like, it's just that novice skills are much faster and you can gain faster skill exp.

3) Practice to get excellent combos. Notice that there are Bad, Good and Excellent combos, the better the combo is, the greater the damage you deal. You can see this from the colour of the combo bar, yellow is bad, reddish orange is good and red is excellent. To hit excellent you have to press your skill precisely on the end line of the 2nd bar, when the bar colour turns fully red. Also, practice to change targets during combo so you can continue your combo after you've killed your current target. The best timing to change target is during the time you're casting your skill animation, when the combo bar is not charging.

4) Yes, I play Blader and F.Archer too. You can ask me questions about them.

5) To win PvPs, it is important to deal as much damage as possible to your opponent. So you need equipments that can increase your Attack, Sword Amp and most importantly Crit.

In PvE, it is important that you must survive or prevent yourself from dead. So you must have high defense to reduce the damage you receive from mobs and high defense rate to make mobs miss their attacks (which means no damage) on you more often. Lifesteal is another option where you can absord HP and recover yourself from the damage you deal.

*Crit means Critical hit, the blue damage numbers that occasionally come out when you attack. Critical hits damage are counted by multiplying your normal damage with the % of crit damage you have and all characters have a base critical damage of 120%. E.g. assume that you have 20% crit dmg from your equips and you deal 2000 dmg on a Red Garlie, so when you make a critical hit, it'll be 2000 X (120%+20%) = 2800 damage. Critical Rate on the other hand, is the % of chances that you'll make a critical hit. Hence, more Crit Rate means you'll crit more often/frequently and more crit dmg means you'll deal more damage when you crit.

*Amp means Amplifier, which is the multiplier of your base attack. Formula to count the damage you deal is Attack X Amp% + Additional Damage. E.g. assumed that you have 700 Attack and you use Assassinate lvl 9 which has amp 1.7 (which means 170%) and Add. Attack (additional damage)of 904 and you have 10% of sword amp from your equips, so 700 X (170%+10%) + 904 = 2164 damage. The final damage you deal on your enemies will be affected by their defense and level.

*More Def Rate increases the chances of your enemies missing their attacks on you. More Att Rate increases the chances of you NOT missing your attack on your enemies. However, when you use combo, you won't miss your attacks.

*Life/HP steal/absorb formula is your lvl divided by 10 + Max HP Steal from your equips AND you need items that have HP steal % in order to steal HP and to determine the lifesteal limit. So assumed that you are lvl 130, wear a life absorb ring +2 (5% HP Steal from total damage), Vampiric Amulet +4 (Max HP Steal +40HP) and you deal 2000 damage on a red garlie, hence you steal 130/10 + 40 = 53HP per hit and your lifesteal limit is 2000 x 5% = 100HP per hit.

Anonymous said...

hey there.... this is a good guide for fb's
i saw a vid at youtube where a FB had a buff that looks like the bm1...
can you tell what was that?
it was like the earth guard buff at bm1... but this was different...
plz answer tnx

Haze said...

As what I've stated in my guide, when we cast BM1, stone, aqua, wind and lightining canons are automatically casted as our Earth Guard, Aqua Vitality, Wind Movement and Lightning Blade. These buffs in BM1 are much stronger and they look just a little bit different from the 4 regular buffs to show that you have actually casted those buffs in BM1.

NewbiesFB said...

Haze thousand of tq to u for ur reply .. i really appreciate it a lot ..

To clarify with u further more, i've seen ppl selling deathblow battleset,Luck Battleset,Guard Batteleset,AMP Battleset & even more .. r those set that i shld get one?

1) When we r pracitising combo,the sword and orb/crystal we shld go for adept as well is it?

2) I hav a guild mate,whr he said to me he feel like quitting to play his BLADER coz in his opinion, BLADER is weak and he feel is useless coz he keep losing when comes to pvp. But IMO,i dun think blader is weak. Can u advise on how he shld increase his stat?whr he shld concentrate?is it STR or DEX or BOTH? what are the skills that he shld hav for both magic & sword. He is currently lvl77,master/regular. Pls advise

3) i'm happy that u trained FA as well coz i hav a character which is FA too. How shld i trained my FA? & how i shld allocate my stat? now my FA level 11,i've got the combo skill, i plan to practise combo 2 train my skill rank. if i were to practise combo, will dis up my sword skill rank as well? I realise that for FA & WIZ,is hard to train the sword skill coz they don't reali use it, isn't they? Pls advise


NewbiesFB said...

Haze, u said that per character max can up to 36/40 for sp .. but if i'm wearing full set adept +3sp with one amulet + 2 adept ring =max i got will be 20sp meanwhile if i'm wearing full set adept +4sp with the same accesories listed above, max sp i got will be 24sp .. how can get 36sp? is it included the sword and also the crystal?

I'm gonna reach dual master soon for my FB, can u advise me on what type of sword or crystal i shld equipped with?

Anonymous said...

ahm haze you said earlier that you have a F.Archer!!! you really help me building my FB now can you help me building my F.Archer? Pls? can you give me a perfect build for F.Archer? like what you did to the FB!!! Advance thanks to you^^

admitone said...

Hi Haze, this is my big confusion.

Let's say I have casted the 4 buffs(Wind Movement, Lightning Blade, Earth Guard, and Aqua Vitality) in advance and then I casted BM1, do I still need to cast the "4 Cannons"? Thanks!

Haze said...

To NewbiesFB: sorry for the late reply, was busy lately.

Those sets you're talking about are crafted items, which will usually cost much more than normal double slotted sets. Though I do recommend you buying crafted + double slotted set, but if you can't afford them, you should buy double slotted items first and buy according to what I stated in my guide.

1) Yes

2) Blader is the probably the strongest class in PvPs beside Warriors. For Bladers, both STR and DEX gives exactly the same stats, so I recommend him to follow Warrior stats for Osm armourset, and use blades (be a heavy blader), that way he can gain more def and att. Once his STR reaches the requirement for osm armoursuit +7 (Warrior stat), he can start pushing the rest to dex so he can wear mystic and mithril martial in the future. He should rank up his sword rank to Trans as soon as possible to get add amp and damage buffs and blade aura. He should use fast skills like vital interfere, storm grind, twin moon or assault, Blade Scud and Ligthning slash in his PvP combo and should not include slow skills like mirage grind and blade cry (a.master). Tell him that he can stack iron skin with aura barrier.

3) For FA, you should focus on magic damage, which means you must set your INT as high as possible, while STR and DEX follow exactly the stats of your battleset. If you're comboing with only magic skills, that means you'll only increase you magic skill lvl. To train your sword skill, either you'll have to punch or buy a sword and use flash draw, impact stab and rising shot to combo. My suggestion is that you get your dash to lvl9 first, then fully concerntrate on magic skills, once you reach trans or comp, you can buy change force(magic to sword) upgrade skill to increase your sword skill while you're casting magic skills but this will stop your magic skills from increasing until you delete the change force. Either way, when reach about lvl120 or even earlier, you should be able to reach trans/trans if you keep on skilling.

4) It's easy really, once you reach lvl 70 , you can wear 2 adept bracelets each gives +2 skill exp and lvl 80 each give +3 skill exp. 2 Lvl 70 adept rings each gives +4 skill, lvl 70 adept amulet +8skill. Helm, boots, suit, gloves, blade and crystal each gives +3 or +4 skill exp. Sum it up = 38 to 45+ skill exp.

5) up to you, but once you can use osm blade and crystal, you can follow the items in my guide.

Haze said...

To Anonymous: For FA, push all your stats to INT for maximum damage. As for STR and DEX, just follow exactly the stats requirement for battleset. I'm playing Martial (pure INT) FA right now since it's much more challenging, having high damage but low defense and looks much cooler in martialset, and owns in PvPs. But still, I would recommend you playing Battleset FA since martial FA can't get to wear terragrace and mitrhil set (only if I use a shit load of extract pots)and it's hard to survive in PvE if you don't have good equips.

Haze said...

To admitone: the 4 canons are automatically casted when you activate BM1, you don't need to cast them yourself. As for the 4 normal buffs (wind movement, aqua vitality, earth guard, lightning blade), they'll cancelled out temporaryly and will be auto re-casted after your BM1 finish.

Anonymous said...

Is FULL AMP set Better

admitone said...

I see. So, I dont really need to max out my 4 cannons. I can just even set them to level 1 or delete them, right?

Thanks Haze for answering all our questions.

Anonymous said...

Hi haze im the one who's asking about F.Archer so i nid to put all into int but the one i really want to know is that what stats? i min like FB Str 283 Int 227 and the rest Dex!!! what bout F.Archer? how many should i put only on STR and DEX? sorry i dont know the stats for mithril battle set +7!!! thanks for the info last time and Advance thanks to this one^^

Haseo said...

ahm haze i totally forgot to ask that whats the best aura for F.Archer? thanks in advance^^ hmm ill start to address because i think ill gonna stick in this guide of yours for a long time^^

NewbiesFB said...

Haze, once again tq for ur effort in providing me such a detail asnwer to my question and i really appreciate it a lot ..

Based on your reply for Blader, if it's for Beginner Blader, on their way up, is it they should concentrate their STR & Dex base on Armorset instead of martial set? Sorry for being too greedy, but can i have a detail of skill like FB whr which skill u advise to level to which level?

I have a fren playing WA character and currently he is level 116, his stat currently is 550+ / 70 / 370 and he is currently wearing OSM Armorset +5 and using a Red .. Sword .. he keep complaining that his defense is too low, he keep miss his attack when he attack mobs & when the mobs attack him, he feel very "Pain" .. He is dual tranz now. Pls advise. This is an optional question.

Btw, i am currently training my FA according to your advise and hopefully by level of 40 i shall be able to get my G.Master


Nicholas said...

This was very helpful,
I've read almost all the sections, and have learned a lot about FBs.
I'm making one right now, I've been skilling it from lvl 1 and haven't done any quests.

So just to know, what are the stat req. for Forcium Battlesuit +7 (Fb, of course)?
Same with the F. Blade/Crystal?
(Since you mentioned how they do better damage)

Anonymous said...

newbie question, why we need to max mana freeze?

john said...

nice one but can i see any video of you in PVP or anykind of video you have w/ your character.. =)

john said...

nice guide... oh why your not wearing osmium armor in ur charctert? ist better to wear battle suite? tell me more about force bladers.. i want to become a strong force blader.. oh! by the way i am a cabal player in PH.. may be we will have a international nation war someday hope to see you soon... FB rules!!!

ps: mail me here

Anonymous said...

can u recommend martial set for FB?? whats the difference of it to armor set?? can u tell it?? this is what i think.. martial set is for evasion build?? is it ryt?? or u recommend armor?? can u tell the diff??

Haze said...

My apologies to everyone that left their comments lately (since 13th August). I have no time to reply you guys because of some serious business recently. Okay, I'll begin my reply to Anonymous, 13th August.

To Anonymous: Full crit set will do better than full amp set for FBs because FBs have high crit rate/damage from Lightning Blade and have low base attack so even if you amp it, it won't be as much damage compare to Blader/Warrior.

To Admitone: Bonus stats gained from buffs in BM1 are affected by the lvl of your canons, so you must max Aqua, Stone, Lightning and Wind canon in order to gain full advantage from BM1.

To Anonymous (14th August):
Topaz Orb +7: 56str 445int 111dex
Osmium Battle Set +7: 111str 278int 223dex
Mithril Battle Set +7: 152str 381int 305dex
Mithril Orb +7: 67str 536int 134 dex
Osmium Martial Set +7: 84str 445int 84dex
*Use Orb because it has more Magic Attack
*Follow the stat requirements above for the sets you wanna use and push the rest stats to INT.
*If you wear martial, you'll have much more magic attack due to high int but you'll lose quite an amount of defense.
*Click here for a good FA guide

To Haseo: Do you mean Battle Aura? If yes, then my answer is all Auras are the same, what's difference is the animation.

To NewbiesFB:
1) Yes, if you follow Armourset stats since the beginning, you can save a lot of extract pot in the future.

2)*Blade Scud and Lightning Slash lvl 9
*all gmaster, completer, trans buffs, aura barrier, iron skin, mirage step all lvl 20
*vital intefere lvl 9/12
*twin moon, storm grind, mirage grind lvl 18/19/20
*impact stab, double slash lvl 20

3)I don't play WA but I know WA has really low Att Rate and Def Rate, that's why WA miss their attack a lot and get attack a lot. Try changing Defensive Sense to Reflex to get more def rate (and buy Sixth Sense of course) and always use combos so you don't miss attacks. Get his osm set to +6/7 or get a Shineguard set +6/7. Always find a party when going out for PvE.

Haze said...

To Nicholas:
Slotted Forcium Battlesuit (FB) +7: 309str 309int 232dex
Slotted Forcium Blade (FS) +7: 340str 272int 136dex
Slotted Forcium Crystal (FS) +7: 272str 272int 204dex
Slotted Forcium Katana (FB) +7:
272str 204int 272dex
Slotted Forcium Orb (FB) +7:
204str 272int 272dex
*I would not recommend you to use forcium items because it's hard to find good ones, such as sword amp forcium, crafted forciums, and the price are really really high. Thus, it's best to stay at 283str 227int all dex for now.

To Anonymous (15th August): lvl 20 Mana Freeze reduces your opponent's 1400MP while lvl 1 Mana Freeze reduces 1040MP, both have 10 seconds duration. If you don't reduce all of your opponent's MP, he/she will still be able to cast skills, so it's best to reduce as much MP as possible.

To John: I look ugly on my Osm armoursuit, so I changed to battlesuit to take my screenshots. People wear armourset to have more defense, that's all.

I don't have any videos of my FB, sorry. More about FB? Hmm... I guess I've stated them all in my guide, I will add more details into this guide later on, if I have any idea. I'm playing at EURO CABAL server.

Haze said...

To Anonymous (August 17th): Yes martial set is good for evasion as it gives the highest def rate. But I would not recommend you using osm martial since it has 48 def less than osm armourset and 88 def less than terragrace set. Plus FBs are dex build, so FBs already have high def rate. If you want more evasion I would recommend you using Terragrace rather than martial.

Haze said...

To Anonymous (August 17th): Yes martial set is good for evasion as it gives the highest def rate. But I would not recommend you using osm martial since it has 48 def less than osm armourset and 88 def less than terragrace set. Plus FBs are dex build, so FBs already have high def rate. If you want more evasion I would recommend you using Terragrace rather than martial.

Anonymous said...


I've read everything that is in this guide and as well as the comments and feedbacks, and I got to admit, this is damn good and helpful.

But I also have a question of my own regarding combos and PVPing.

1. I wanna clarify something.. When combo-ing, people in combo won't get stunned, knocked-down and their attacks won't miss, right?

2. As of now, I'm dual master, level 17, tired and bored of grinding. What skills should I use in PvP? :D Coz as of now I'm using..

Force Kick(20) > Force Assault(20) > Force Slash(20) > Dance of Ruin(20) > Abbysal Crystal(forgot the level) then continue on with the combo on Force Assault.

I have Stigma though but I'm not sure if I should use it, considering the fact that it has a long cast time.


Haze said...

1) Yes, you won't miss your attacks or get stunned while in combo mode. But sometimes you can get knocked down/back if your opponent made a critical hit with his knock down/back skill, it will make you stop and delay your combo for a short moment, and you can resume your combo after that.

2) Your combo is good enough as for your skill ranks now, you don't have to use stigma in PvP.

Haseo said...

Hi Haze thanks for everything about force archer it help me a lot!!! ahm about force blader why use force slash? its so weak!!! i try to use that skill and i always lose but with my combo i always win this is my combo

assinate>>>infernal>>>danceofruin>>>assinate>>>infernal>>abyss crystal if not dead back to asinate again!!!
whats much good? yours or mine?
thanks in advance^^

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your quick reply. It really helps :D

As for another question regarding skill grinding..

1. Equipping Adept sets influence skilling even punching as long as you gain exp, right?

2. What will happen if I take Change Force(Magic) then punch my enemy, would that give me 2x exp given to Magic? Since punching/normal attacking gives SEXP to both magic and sword.

Thanks in advance :D


kenotia said...

hi just wanna ask if how many bonus stat points do we acquire if we have skill rank up..
as of now im lvl 64 w/ sword-completer magic-master
(im playing cabal here in philippines jupiter server Kenotia is my name)
by the way..this guide rocks!!

Attracti○n said...

Hi Haze. Just want to ask if my current rank is okay with my level? I'm currently Expert / A. Expert @ Level 32. ><

Haze said...

To Haseo: I would say that there is no definite set of combo for FBs. Combos may vary according to your stats, level, equipments and what opponent you're up against. A set of combo might work against Wiz/FA but it might not work against WA/BL. For example, if you're against high damage but low HP and low DEF opponents like Wiz, you must finish them off quickly with fast combos before they land their last hit on you, that's when Force Assault/Slash/Impact Stab comes in handy and Assault>Slash>Assassinate>Assault>Slash>Infernal Impact combo will work better. But if you're against high HP opponent like a WA, if you use the above combo as for Wiz, then you might reach more than 11th hit combo and mess up, that's when combo like Assault>Assassinate>Infernal>Dance>Assassinate>Infernal>Crystal works better. Also, low rank and quick skills like Force Slash/Assault will not do any good damage if your Attack and Amp is not high enough. When you reach a much higher level and have a high amount of Crit, Amp and Attack, you'll find that combos that include these fast cast time, low rank skills will take your opponent down faster because they raise your DPS significantly. Some combos might work for certain FBs, some might not, so it's better that you test yourself and have more PvPs with your friends of different classes.

xxDSxx said...

ei bro.. dont we need the resist intension buff skill?

btw, nice guide..^_^

teejay said...

Hi.. Haze.. im just new in playing CABAL in Philippines... i have a level 24 Warrior.. but i think i like FB... and i want to focus on it rather than the warrior...but i,ve read some informations about FB.. is it true that it's the hardest class to LEVEL... if it's true.. i'll still stick to FB.. but can you give me more guide to help me in starting this class..
specially in leveling up... thank u very much -TJ

kori said...

could u tell me how 2 win in pvp with WA..pvp with wizard..pvp with FA pvp with blader..what combo should use

Attracti○n said...

Heia Haze. Dropping by again to ask if Forcium and Mithril equipments are the same?

Haze said...

To LiquifiedDream:
1) Yes. But from my experience punching will still take a much longer time compare to normal skilling, since you can afk while punching, so I don't thing that's a problem.

2) I'm not sure about this since I myself didn't do much punching even until I reached trans/trans but I wouldn't suggest you using change force since it doesn't give you that much of benefit and it's better that you can skill both sword and magic at the same time with punching.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Haze.

I won't be punching stuff and I'll be stopping in ranking up my Magic, it's A-Master already and I already have Exacration or what ever that spell that makes the target not to move :D

I'll be ranking up my Sword to Completer to complete the Combo set. :D

Thanks again. :D


Haze said...

To Kenotia: I've updated this guide with what you've requested, bonus stat points you gain from every skill rank up (see the two tables on top of the guide).

To Attraction: Well those skill ranks are okay for me, just make sure your ranks are not too far away from your lvl, like having only G or A.Master at lvl 100. The term Forcium is used instead of Mithril in the US server (OGPlanet), so they are both the same.

To xxDSxx: Resist Intention is kinda useless because its resistance percentage won't increase as it lvls up, which means it stays at 10% (you can't really resist anything with just 10%) even at lvl 20 and compared to WA & BL's Instant Immunity, which is 100% resistance, it's even more worthless. I don't recommend you buying this skill even for other character classes.

To teejay: All the character classes are pretty much the same, none of the classes are harder or stronger than the others, it just depends on how well you play them. Just play it the way you want it to be and when you reach higher lvls, you'll start to learn from your experience, which is one thing that no one can teach you other than yourself.

To kori: Kori, as what I've told Teejay and Haseo, play more and you'll learn from your experience. Combos might change according to your stats, equipments, lvl, ranks and what opponent you're up against. So PvP more and more, again and again to find out your weakness and try to make changes from it. If my combo in this guide doesn't work for you, then create your own combo. There are no "sure win" combos, you'll lose once in a while.

SaTANas11 said...

hi haze
what will happen if we reach FULL dual trans?
is there any additional stats orr its just the skill points?

tnx in advance:D

p.s. best FB guide i've read so far...

Haze said...

No additional stats, no additional slots, only extra skill points.

teejay said...

okzz.. haze.. thanks...

Anonymous said...

Hi Can u help me With FB BM1 how its vorking Whith that cannons is just 1 cannon i have to use or all 4 ?
ps. Sory for bad English :D

Haze said...

Aqua canon - Aqua Vitality
Stone canon - Earth Guard
Wind canon - Wind Movement
Lightning canon - Lightning Blade

If you have aqua canon only, then it will only activate aqua vitality. If you have 2 canons of the above canons only, then you'll only get 2 of the buffs according to what canons you have.

If you want all 4 four buffs in BM1, then you must have all 4 canons.

Attracti○n said...

Mm, I want to know why we should not get Resist Intension. I was thinking I would get it even at level 1.

Because it's better than nothing.

Haze said...

If you want it, you can get it, like you said, it's better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

2) Lvl 2 Enchantments:
*Crit Rate +5%
*Min Dmg +1
*HP Steal 2%
*MP Steal 2%
*Max Cri Rate +2%
*Sword Skill Amp +7% (mob drop only)
*Magic Skill Amp +7% (mob drop only)
*Flee Rate +?
*HP Auto Heal +2
*MP Auto Heal +2
*Damage +5
*Skill EXP per Skill +4 (mob drop only)
*Alz Drop Amount +?%
*1-slot Item Drop 1.2x
*2-slot Item Drop 2.5x

-my question is what do mean by (mob drop only)

by the way thanks for the guide.. it helps me a lot ^_^

Haze said...

It means they can only be obtained from monsters drop items (very rare) and cannot be obtained through slot upgrades.

Anonymous said...

LiquifiedDream here..

About DPS and DOT combo..

I did some calculating and math(boring math >_<)

And it seems that..
Force Slash > Assault > Impact Stab > Flash Draw > Rising Shot

can outdamage the..

Force Slash > Assault > Abbysal > Infernal > Assassinate Combo

if your character has a base attack of 170 and higher IF we consider DPS, since the first combo is done with only 7.3 sec while the later takes 11.9 secs to finish.. The first one will outdamage the later one.

I'm just throwing out ideas, it seems that the higher attack you have, the better that you use shorter cast time skills.

Only problem and needed in this is that you need to be great in combo-ing as if you use the 1st combo, you'll reach 11-Combo faster and makes Combo-ing harder.

While the 2nd Combo gives you a kill near the 11th Combo :D

Just wanna say this since it's an open blog and all :P

JoeSatriani said...

after ng BS LV quest 140..
i can stack iceblade and lightning blade right..?
but using BM1..?
can i stack lightning blade+lightning cannon and iceblade + crystal canon..?

Haze said...

LiquifiedDream, you're absolutely correct and that's exactly what I'm trying to explain to Haseo in my previous comment.

To JoeSatriani: Nop, you can't stack lightning and crystal canon together in BM1 even if you've passed the lvl 140 rank up quest, tested that on the EURO server and I believe it's the same on the other servers.

Anonymous said...

is Field of enervaion useful in PVP

Haze said...

It works quite well if you combined it together with other debuffs like hard luck, mana freeze, execration, field of execration and maybe lower defense.

NewbiesFB said...

Haze .. It's me again .. i have few things which i nid to check with you ...

I)Do we realli need to have one Astral Board?

II) Currently i've reach dual completer for my skill rank and i started to lvling .. i'm currently wearing the ST Battleset [FB] and in ur opinion, shld i wear this or shld i change to my adept set? If it's so, i shld wear Armor Adept or Battleset Adept if i'm going for lvling?

II) I'm thinking of upgrade my ST FB set, do u think is necessary? I can't wear OSM set yet at d moment. Pls advise.

IV) Frens used to say in PVP we shld wear on Armor and in PVE we shld wear our Battleset .. is it so?

NewbiesFB said...

Haze, since i'm still low lvl .. as u told me be4, i shld go for adept set and in ur opinion, shld i go for Armorset or Battleset adept? If going for Armorset,which set shld i get for myself?Bluestin or Titanium? and if i'm going for Battleset, not much choice for me to choose as in is hard to get ppl to craft my ST adept for me. Currently i'm using SS blade crafter deathblow with crit rate of 3% and i've upgrade a ST Blade with Crit Damage of 10& .. is it ok if i used it?

Haze said...

1) Not really necessary, astral board is just for some additional HP, travel faster, and to look cooler.

2) If you wanna lvl fast then I think you should stay at your ST set so you can hunt higher lvl mobs to get more exp. But it's better for you to get your skill ranks to trans asap, so you can concerntrate more on lvling and get rid of you adept set earlier

3) I think you should wait until you get a good osmium/terra set.

4) To put it simple, armoursets have the most defense but the least def rate, so it's good for PvP but in PvE, you'll get hit by mobs more frequently due to its low def rate. Battleset, on the other hand is balance in def and def rate, obviously more def rate than armoursets, so it's consider good for PvE because you can evade more.

If you can afford, I would recommend you to have 2 sets, 1 for PvP and 1 for PvE. PvP focus in full att and crit damage and HP, which means double slotted osm armourset + crafted will be more suitable and for PvE, use slotteed or crafted Terragrace for more def n def rate.

5) Doesn't really matter actually, because what we want from adepts is just the +skill exp and it's better to have as low attack as possible when you're skiling with adept set so mobs won't die quickly (means you don't have to change targets that frequently) and it's easier for you to combo.

Anonymous said...

Can You give me some tips that the force blader skill arrnagement

Haze said...

Just follow my skill setup in this guide and you should be fine. If you find some other skills to be useful, you can add them to your FB.

NewbiesFB said...

Haze .. i soon can wear OSM d .. thinking of getting wut u list on ur gear list but at my server it is so expensive .. especially crafted .. can i try get double slotted OSM 1st and slowly onli i get crafter .. coz one crafted helm with crit damage 10% 2 slot clean is 300M .. Btw,how can ppl earn so much Alz? can advise.

NewbiesFB said...

Haze,i have a fren oso playing the character as FB .. she's now Lvl50 Dual G.M .. she cannot wear OSM due to her current stat which is 158/155/210 .. she still far from wearing OSM suit with her current stat,she have a full set of ST FB with 1 slot clean .. she was thinking of upgrading this set .. how can she upgrade in order to suit her lvl with her current needs .. for her helm she will go for crit damage .. den for her suit, gloves and boots how can fill in the slot ? Pl advise. She is currently using TT Blade DB .. is it okie with her lvl and stat? Pls advise too.

Haze said...

Yeah you can start off with normal double slotted gears, that's what most people do until they have enough alz to buy crafted and double slotted items. High lvl players usually earn alz by completing dungeons that are likely to drop expensive items such as tower of dead B2F, Forgotten Temple, Volcanic citadel, etc and spending hours and hours lvling in maps like Pontus Ferum, Mutant Forest, Lakeside, etc and wait for a high priced item to drop from mobs there, and killing bosses in those maps sometimes will give you a rare item.

I'll suggest your friend to quickly lvl up his character until he can wear osmiums (approximately around lvl80) and he doesn't have to upgrade his ST set, since he has double GM ranks which makes him really easy lvling in higher lvl maps due to his high def and att and farm for more alz so he can buy good osmium items the future.

ernm18 said...

Haze, Force Slash is a weak skill why should i let go level 20 to it?

Thank you.

Haze said...

Force Slash has 62 Damage Overtime every 2 seconds, for 8 seconds, which means you get to deal approximately 240+ of additional damage. It can also be stacked with Force Assault to increase your Damage Overtime to about 120+ damage per 2 seconds. This is why they are both great skills.

Once you get into higher levels and have a much much higher attack, sword amp and crit, you'll find that weak skills like force assault and force slash or even impact stab actually deal some really nice damage because they have good DPS (damage per second) due to their low cast time.

teejay said...

Haze.. i have a question.. about your skill guide... why didn't you add FORCE IMPACT on sword skills and RESIST INTENSION on buff skills.... thanks in advance...

Haze said...

Both skills are not necessary, Force Impact has too long cast time, low damage, that makes its overall DPS much lower and now that we have Assassinate, Infernal Impact will be used as PvP finisher instead of force impact. The only advantage of Force Impact is that it can prolong your combo in PvE.

Resist intention gives way too little resistance % but if you wanna have it, it's better than nothing.

NewbiesFB said...

Haze .. Heylo .. i have several things need to ask as in i'm in a confused stage ...

I) My Upgrade skills i choose reflex over Defensive sense because i remembered u said if pvp defensive but for pve reflex .. some of my frens told me that for FB we shld choose defensive sense because FB hav high dex which means FB attack and def rate is higher .. meanwhile FB hav low defense .. so for FB, defensive is beta than reflex .. pls advise.

II) Why do we need to equip ourself with the equipments which crafted in DB? Currently the server which i'm playing, nobody craft OSM Blade and onli TT Blade/Katana crafted DB is in the market .. which is beta?

Haze said...

Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. As for me, who PvPs a lot rather than PvE, I chose Defensive Sense, and I have no problem surviving in PvE either, just got hit by mobs few times more often than having reflex but shouldn't be a big problem if I have a party.

Deathblow +crit damage% is the best craft item (of course it must be double/single slotted crit damage also) for FB since FBs have such high Crit rate and crit damage from lightning, ice and fire blade so FBs can deal really high damage in critical hits. Maybe your server is still new, so no one is at that lvl of crafting, so I suggest you to buy osm/redos blade slotted crit damage first instead of DB Shadowtitan blade and wait for double slotted and crafted osm/redos weapons later.

Anonymous said...

Haze, I have this Mithril Katana of DB +3,3 Slots.

I would be glad to know your side on what attributes to put in the slots for Force Upgrade?

Attracti○n said...

Haha Haze, you copied me. XD

Well anyways, I would love to know why do we don't use Infernal Impact in the combo, using it only as a finisher.

May I know the cool down for Assassinate at level 9? Thanks mucho.

Attracti○n said...

Ahm, also I would love to know if we can wear equipment such as Terragrace sets or ShadowTitaniums for Wa/Fs even though we have satisfied the stats requirement?

Haze said...

To Anonymous: That's a supercool katana you have there. For the slots, I think the best is to put all Crit Damage. Sword amp is also good but it's too risky to random slot such a rare item, so Crit Damage is the most suitable.

To Attraction: There 2 sets of combo in this guide, one with Infernal Impact (use after Assassinate) and one is as finisher, both do great damage. I guess you'll just have to test it out yourself to see which is better. Assassinate's cooldown at lvl 9 is 6 sec.

You can't wear other class' Terra/Mystic/Shineguard and Shadowtitaniums because they are class specific, even if you meet the stat requirements.

jayr said...

good morning haze! its me rolando from the philippines but i am living here in japan, i wonder if you know some sites were i can download such english patch for cabal. i am also a FB lv73. i just cannot enjoy the game that much because its all written in japanese, hope you can help me with this. and thanks also for the guide! it helps me a lot in building up my character.

Haze said...

I'm sorry rolando, I'm afraid that all the english patches for CABAL JP have been discontinued ever since CABAL JP started blocking foreign IPs to play on their server. I've searched through many related forums but those are mostly outdated.

Daggermouth said...

Haze, Should all the Magic skills on the list be lvl 20?

Haze said...

Yes all lvl 20. Just in case you don't have enough points, you should first get Lightning blade, Aqua Vitality, Earth Guard, Wind Movement, lightning, aqua, wind, stone canon to lvl 20. If there are some debuffs that you don't use often, you don't have to max them or just skip them, because at lvl 140 and 170 you'll need points for Ice and Fire Blade.

rolando said...

its me again rolando from the phil. thanks for the response, by the way i still have one question, though im lv73 now,but im not confident in my skill level, i have 53/80 for sword skill and 4/80 for the magic, i would like to know if there is a way where i can level up my skill easily?i am doing combos whlie grinding from 11 to 17 (max)continously but not satisfied, hope to hear any advice. thanks and more power.

Haze said...

Doing combos is the fastest way and you should also wear crafted adept equipments(items with +skill exp per skill) so you get much more additional skill exp from every hit you make. Make sure you have about +36 to +40 skill exp in total from all your equips. Buy adept bracelets for lvl 70 (red color) to add some +skill exp and adept rings and amulet for lvl 70, adept set (aramid class or above) which include suit, boots, gloves, helm, katana/blade and crystal/orb. You should ask your japanese friends in case you don't know which ones are adept items.

NewbiesFB said...

Haze, !s me again .. whenever i'm confused on how 2 train my FB, u'll be my first i think of seek advise ..

I) Currently i'm dual comp .. i've maxed all the 4 main buffs & oso the 4 cannons .. i've learned hard luck and shld i max dis skill? How bout enervation & lower defense & darkness? i don't think i hav enuff skill points to max it, at which lvl i shld up to get the best result?

II) I realised that my defense is low .. my def rate and attack rate is much much higher .. what are the ways that i can increase my defense? Is it like how u stated, i shld wear the terra as in the def n def rate is much higher? or if i insisted on wearing OSM & equipped full set of vampric, will this help me alot when i entering dungeon or lvling at hi lvl place?

III) As i asked before, shld i go for blade or katana crafted DB or i shld juz go for OSM blade or katana with 2 slot? I wan to deal as high damage as i can .. which is the best?is it DB?

Haze said...

1)Hard Luck must be maxed. Enervation is great for PvE and boss fights, so max it. Lower Def is totally optional, either you skip it or max it. Darkness is useless so skip it.

2)If you really want to focus in PvE, I would recommend you wearing full Terragrace +6/7 crafted/slotted and vampiric accessories. When you have enough alz, you can start buying your PvP set (which focus more on crit dmg and sword amp). But that's totally optional, you can still survive with osm set, just try to get more party members everytime you go for PvE.

3)Osm/Redos blade and topaz/lapis crystal 2 slots (2 slots = 20% crit dmg). Craft DB is good only when it can exceed 20% crit damage in total with slots.

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