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CABAL Force Blader Guide For Dummies v2.0

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*update* Before proceeding to my FB guide, here are some useful CABAL tips and formulas that I've picked from many of my comments on this post (or click here to skip this part):

*To win PvPs, it is important to deal as much damage as possible to your opponent. So you need equipments that can increase your Attack, Sword Amp and most importantly Crit.

*In PvE, it is crucial that you must survive or prevent yourself from dead. So you must have high defense to reduce the damage you receive from mobs and high defense rate to make mobs miss their attacks (which means no damage) on you more often, which is why Def Rate is much more important in PvE. Lifesteal is another option where you can absord HP and recover yourself from the damage you deal.

*Crit means Critical hit, the blue damage numbers that occasionally come out when you attack. Critical hits damage are counted by multiplying your normal damage with the % of crit damage you have and all characters have a base critical damage of 120% (means +20% crit damage and 100% is actually the normal damage you deal from a non-crit attack). E.g. assume that you have 60% crit dmg from your equips and you deal 2000 dmg on a Bloody Orc, so when you make a critical hit, it'll be 2000 X (120%+60%) = 3600 damage.

Critical Rate on the other hand, is the % of chances that you'll make a critical hit. Hence, more Crit Rate means you'll crit more frequently and more crit dmg means you'll deal more damage when you crit. Crit Rate limit is 50% and base crit rate is 5% for all characters and to raise the limit you have to wear +max crit rate items (+max crit rate will not work if your current crit rate doesn't reach above 50%).

*Amp means Amplifier, which is the multiplier of your base attack. Formula to count the damage you deal is Attack X Amp% + Additional Damage. E.g. assumed that you have 700 Attack and you use Assassinate lvl 9 which has amp 1.7 (which means 170%) and Add. Attack (additional damage)of 904 and you have 10% of sword amp from your equips, so 700 X (170%+10%) + 904 = 2164 damage. The final damage you deal on your enemies will be affected by their defense and level.

*More Def Rate increases the chances of your enemies missing their attacks on you. More Att Rate increases the chances of you NOT missing your attack on your enemies. However, when you use combo, you won't miss your attacks.

*Life/HP steal/absorb formula is your lvl divided by 10 + Max HP Steal from your equips AND you need items that have HP steal % in order to steal HP and to determine the lifesteal limit. So assumed that you are lvl 130, wear a life absorb ring +2 (5% HP Steal from total damage), Vampiric Amulet +4 (Max HP Steal +40HP) and you deal 2000 damage on a Bloody Orc, hence you steal 130/10 + 40 = 53HP per hit and your lifesteal limit is 2000 x 5% = 100HP per hit. HP steal is counted per target hit, which means the more targets you hit, the more HP you steal, e.g. using the above situation, if you happen to hit 3 Bloody Orcs, you'll steal a total of 53 X 3 = 159HP.

*Stat bonuses that you'll get from every skill rank up:

Nov > App442010
App > Reg663015
Reg > Exp884020
Exp > A.Exp10105025
A.Exp > Mas12126030
Mas > A.M14147035
A.M > G.M14148040
G.M > Comp14149045
Comp > Trans14 14 10050

Nov > App441020
App > Reg661530
Reg > Exp882040
Exp > A.Exp10102550
A.Exp > Mas12123060
Mas > A.M14143570
A.M > G.M14144080
G.M > Comp14144590
Comp > Trans14 14 50100

Now here goes my FB guide:


FB is a an all-round balanced character with decent stats, good in both PvE (Player versus Environment/Monsters) and PvP (Player vs Player). No doubt that FBs have the best looking gears/equipments and skill animations + some Devil May Cry kind of style in them which is too cool to resist.

Also, due to FBs skill distribution which goes to all STR, INT and DEX, enable them to wear all type of equipments (Amourset, Battleset, Martialset) according to your needs (eg. armourset for more def, martial for more def rate, battleset for better looking and balance def+def rate)

However being a hybrid class, FB's stats distribution made them a weak melee class character compare to Warriors and Bladers because of their low base attack and base defense. But with a good combination of gears/equipments, FBs can really pawn hard.

Stats distribution:

*Update* Guide on FB Stats Build has been fully revised. Click here to view it!

Gears/Equipments: *updated for better vision*

FBs have relatively high Crit Rate and Crit Damage due to Lightning Blade buff and on higher levels you can even stack it together with Ice and Fire Blade after rank up quest (WOW!). Also, due to FBs low base Attack, FBs won't deal good damage with full sword amp gear. So GO CRIT WHEN YOU CAN CRIT AND THE REST GO AMP/HP, hence FB equipment formula, Crit>Amp>HP.

PVP/War Gears preferably (armourset/battleset/terragrace +6/7):

  • 2 ring of luck+2
  • Amulet of Battler/Amulet of Pain
  • Double Slotted Crit Damage Helm (Crafted Deathblow 5/8% crit damage if possible)
  • Double Slotted Crit Damage Osmium (or higher) Blade / Lapis (or higher) Crystal (Deathblow if possible)
  • [Amp][HP] or [HP][HP] Double Slotted Suit (Crafted Will or Amp if possible)
  • HP Double Slotted Boots (Crafted Will if possible) or [Amp][HP] boots (rare)
  • Gloves slotted Amp (rare) or crafted guard/destruction and slot with whatever you like
  • 2 Vital Earrings
  • 2 Bracelet of Fighters +1 or above
  • Epaulette of Fighter +6 or above
  • Astral Board (Bike not recommended as it does not +HP)

PVE: Use the above set for full damage and you may replace vital earrings with earring of guard and you may use amulet of guard+8 or above. OR use lifesteal set to survive longer in higher level dungeons. Lifesteal set:

  • replace 1 ring of luck with 1 life absorb ring or force absorb ring with 5% lifesteal (yes 1 ring is enough, and you should focus on items that can raise lifesteal limit/+max HP steal)
  • use Vampiric Amulet +3 or above
  • Vampirice Earrings
  • Other equips crafted vampire if possible but not necessary
  • lifesteal formula is stated on top of this guide

Skills: *updated for Episode 2 as requested*

Although FBs don't do much damage, their skills have additional effects such as lower enemy's defense, attack, and deal damage overtime (which is really useful).

Generally, skills that are worth keeping in high levels are:

  • Assassinate(lvl9 or 12)
  • Infernal Impact (lvl9 or 12)
  • Abyssal Crystal (lvl20)
  • Infernal Stigma (lvl18/19/20)
  • Force Assault (lvl20)
  • Dance of Ruin (lvl20)
  • Force Slash (lvl20)
  • Dash (lvl9)
  • Fade step (lvl9)

*all lvl 20 but there might not be enough points, so lower some skills that you don't use often
  • Hard Luck
  • Field of Enervation
  • Field of Execration
  • Mana Freeze
  • Lightning Canon
  • Wind Canon
  • Aqua Canon
  • Stone Canon
  • Lightning Blade
  • Aqua Vitality
  • Wind Movement
  • Earth Guard
  • Lower Defense (optional)
  • Blind (optional)
  • Enervation (optional)
  • Execration (optional)
  • Ice Blade when you reach lvl 140 *Lightning and Ice Blade can be stacked once you have done the lvl140 class rank up quest
  • Fire Blade when you reach lvl 170 *Lightning, Ice Blade and Fire Blade can be stacked together once you have done the lvl170 class rank up quest

  • Vitality Mastery
  • Offensive Sense
  • Defensive Sense (you may replace Defensive Sense with Reflex to get more Def Rate for PvE)
  • Impact Control
  • Damage Absorb
  • Sixth Sense

PVP: Force Assault>Force Slash>Assassinate>Force Assault>Force Slash>Dance of Ruin/Crystal>Infernal Impact (as finisher)

or Force Assault>Force Slash>Assassinate>Infernal Impact>Dance of Ruin/Crystal>Assassinate

DO NOT use long cast time skills like Force Impact or Infernal Stigma because they greatly reduce you DPS!

PVE: Stigma(to stun)>Assassinate>Infernal Impact>Dance>Assassinate>Stigma (for this combo assassinate and infernal impact must be lvl9)

Battle Modes: *minor update for the new BM2*

Force Enchanter, probably one of the strongest BM1 among all characters. Besides having stats bonus like Battle Aura and BM2, if you have the following canons: Aqua, Stone, Wind and Lightning, they will automatically be casted as your Aqua Vitality, Earth Guard, Wind Movement and Lightning Blade.

These new buffs are not the same as your 4 regular buffs, instead they give a heck lot more bonus attributes, like Aqua Canon (Aqua Vitality) gives 1000++ HP/MP, Stone Canon (Earth Guard) gives 200++ Def, Lightning Canon (Lightning Blade) gives 200++ Att and well over 1000++ Def Rate/Att Rate from Wind Canon.

These bonus attributes are directly affected by your magic attack and the lvl of your canons, hence more magic attack + higher canon lvl = more bonus in BM1. You can consider using +magic attack items like EoS, mana condense pots & friendly buffs from FA/Wiz when you wanna use BM1, e.g. in high lvl dungeons.

*note* You can't cast your 4 normal buffs in BM1. Instead, they will be auto re-casted soon after you finish your BM1.

Battle Mode 2 for Force Bladers has been changed after the new update, thanks to DUDONG PUGE for the heads-up. Lasers will no longer be available when you cast magic skills during BM2. Basically, all you have to do now is to activate auto-attack and normal attack your target, and your FB will start using a different style of melee attack. The following video is a demonstration of the new FB BM2 by F9AngeL:


Finally, a video of Force Blader with a little mix of Devil May Cry theme which I found in Youtube:


Remember to read these following guides as well:
*notice* Comments on this posts has exceeded 200! Click here to view from comment #201 onwards, thank you all for your continuous support!

This post is still opened for discussion to all fellow FBs and CABAL fanatics.

Recommended Force Blader Stats Build

*Updated* this is a complete revised version of the old guide:

How Much Bonus Does Each Stat Point Gives?

Force Blader
Per Level2.5HP1.5MP
Magic Attack0.10.30.25
Hit Rate0.40.41.75
Defense Rate0.10.11

The table above shows how much stat attributes of a Force Blader rises as one stat point is added on STR/INT/DEX. Informations that we can get from the table:

  • STR only gives a slightly more Attack than DEX, which is not noticeable
  • STR and DEX both give the same amount of Defense
  • DEX gives a lot more Hit Rate, Defense Rate and Magic Attack than STR
  • INT gives the highest Magic Attack but lowest ATT, DEF, and HIT/DEF RATE
  • We can conclude that:
    • DEX gives the most bonus
    • INT gives the least bonus
    • STR does not give as much bonus as DEX

How To Determine My Stats Build?

To determine the best stats build for your character and distribute your stat points accordingly, first you need to know what equipments (armoursets and weapons) you're going to use. As for me, I highly recommend Osmium Armorset over Battleset because to sum it up, full Osmium Armorset will give 24 Defense more than full Osmium Battleset.

Although Terragrace and Mithril set seems to give way more Defense, it's really hard to get them in double slots + crafted. Thus, double slotted + crafted Osmium Armorset, which is easier to obtain, will give more bonus such as HP, Critical Rate and Critical Damage compared to regular Terragrace and Mithril.

For weapons, Blade and Crystal give more Attack than Katana and Orb, so think for yourself.

Hence, the best stats build (as most of the FBs' recommended, including me) is:

  • 283 STR
  • 227 INT
  • all the rest goes to DEX
This is by far the best FB stats build which allows us to wear complete Osmium Armorset/Battleset/Martialset/Terragrace +7, Redos/Osm Blade +7 and Topaz/Lapis Crystal +7 with maximum bonus gain from DEX.

DEX Build Versus STR Build:

This has been an arguement of all the FBs around town for ages already. Still, DEX OWNS any other builds! Here's a comparison between full DEX build and full STR build obtained from http://www.orazur.free.fr/, a really useful and accurate CABAL Character Builder developed by MrThink. Click on the image for full size viewing.

I set both the characters at max level 170, max class rank and max skill ranks trans/trans, then adjust the stats according to +7 equipments requirement. Next, I add all the rest stat points to STR on the first character and DEX on the second character. I did not add in any upgrade skills to provide a better overview and because they don't really affect anything.

Notice that STR build only gives an extra 5 Attack (not noticeable at all in PvP and PvE) over DEX build, while DEX build on the other hand has way, way lot more Hit Rate and Defense Rate than STR build as well as a heck lot higher Magic Attack. Hit/Def Rate greatly affects your performance in PvE, because if you are STR build, you'll be hit by mobs all the time and you'll miss so much more often, which leads you to hell even faster. Now who's the boss? DEX ftw!

Please read my Force Blader Guide for more details

CABAL Force Blader Essential Skills At The Warfare

Yesterday when I was cleaning up my hard drive, I stumbled upon my old CABAL Online screenshots which happens to be me carrying the Legacy Weapon during a war at the Tierra Gloriosa map (well this happens to everyone in most wars). So I thought of writing something about "Force Bladers at wars" to fill up my blog posts. Here it goes...

FBs are often expected to be weak at wars (yah I know, low attack/defense/hp) and really they can hardly put a last hit on dying foes ("thanks" to fellow Bladers and Warriors). Well, that doesn't mean we can't kill, our Assassinate still deals a heck lot of damage. Thus, FBs generally play the supporter role by utilizing their almighty debuff skills.

Now, you should understand that war is not pvp, they are total different stories, you have to use different strategies.

These are some of the must have skills for FB before going into the battlefield:

and the usual 4 buff skills...

I guess there's nothing much for me to say on this...

Fade Step
ALWAYS do fade steps when you're under attack. Remember, it's 100 vs 100 out there (at least 40+ people will be in the same spot), so when your opponent lost you, he would probably target someone else that appears on his sight. Then, you can make your counter-attack.

Don't forget you're in a WAR, not a one on one fair fight, so don't expect to pull out a complete combo. In fact, pulling off a combo means making yourself more vulnerable for others to attack you since you can't fade step or dash away immediately. Hit and run is the best technique in the middle of the warfare. Use Assassinate, then fade step or dash away, wait for it to cool down, then launch an attack again.

Infernal Impact
Your secondary attack skill, use it while waiting for Assassinate's cool down.

Field of Execration
The most useful supporting debuff skill in war. With this skill, you can immobilize a large crowd of opponents within a range of 10, preventing them from escaping or charging into you and your teammates. Your team can easily gang bang (all on one) and finish them off quickly before the execration effect ends.

Field of Enervation
Use this skill soon after Field of Execration to weaken your foes, lowering their overall stats (HP, Mp, Att, Def, Rate, etc.).

Mana Freeze
This skill can only be casted on ONE opponent, so make sure you choose the most threatening one (Warrior or Blader), rendering them useless for 10seconds. Probably won't work with other classes since FA, FB, FS, Wiz can have more than 1400MP at high levels.

Force Enchanter (Battle Mode 1)
FBs Ultimate Skill!! Of course before you activate it, make sure you have earth, aqua, wind, lightning canon all at lvl20. However, don't expect youself to be "invincible" using BM1, you're just a little bit stronger than the others, you'll still die when you got gang banged. Remember to keep some SP for crucial stages such as when your base is under attack or when you are going to charge into your opponents base.

Battle Aura
Battle Mode not enough for you? Increase your rage by using BM+Aura!!!

Still the same old thing, Crit/Amp/Hp [Once you entered Tierra Gloriosa, your MAX HP will increase by 500% (no effect on normal potions) and Damage increase by 400%]. Gears preferably (armourset/battleset/terragrace +6/7):

  • 2 ring of luck+2
  • Amulet of Battler (remember HP it gives X5)
  • Double Slotted Deathblow Helm Full Crit Damage
  • Double Slotted Crit Damage Osmium (or higher) Blade / Lapis (or higher) Crystal (Deathblow if possible)
  • Amp/HP or HP/HP Double Slotted Suit (Crafted Will or Amp if possible)
  • HP Double Slotted Boots (Crafted Will if possible) or Amp+HP boots (rare)
  • Gloves crafted guard/destruction slot anything or Amp(rare)
  • 2 Vital Earrings
  • 2 Bracelet of Fighters +1 or above
  • Epaulette of Fighter +6 or above
  • Astral Board if possible

War Tips
Party with Force Archer/Warrior/Shielder
Having a Force Archer in your party is a must because FA is the one and only mass healer. Normal potions cannot recover much of your HP since they are not X5. Most of the time you'll be hearing people yelling "Please Heal Me!" or "FA Heal!" or "Buff Me!". Warriors on the other hand, have +MAX HP party buff and its 500% more on TG. As for Shielders party buff, I'm not sure if FB can get it, maybe the lvl140 rank up quest should be done to stack buffs, but some other class can.

Stay Alive
As I said, hit and run, always fade step, use debuffs at the right timing. FBs are easy preys for Warriors and Bladers. Staying alive at the battlefield is as important as getting kills. Every death causes you to loose points and more deaths will gradually make your nation loose.

Don't try to be a hero or rambo and please don't act like one. Don't just simply rush through your frontline and start slashing enemies you see, it's just like jumping into a black hole (point of no return). Your job is to immobilize and weaken your enemies before going in the fight and Shielders/Warriors/Bladers should be in front of you. Gang bang your target (all on one), attack an enemy together with teammates.

Avoid Mighty Shielders
Try not to aim for shielders because you won't deal any real damage on them especially when they are using their damage absorb buff, let Warriors/Bladers/Wiz do the job.

Grab The Legacy Weapon!
Upon occupying a position you'll get items such as Legacy Weapon and amp potions. How the Legacy Weapon looks like? I don't know how to describe it but it looks like a Transformer Cube, right click on it and you'll be holding your Legacy Weapons depending on your class. This is me holding it (click to enlarge):

Resistance 2 Collector's Edition Obtained!

How can one be called a PS3 hardcore fan without a Collector's Edition in his bag? Thus, we decided to hook ourselves up with the Top Rated First Person Shooter PS3 Exclusive:

"Resistance 2 Collector's Edition"

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We placed an early order on Play-Asia.com for the last few weeks (3-5... I forgot) and lucky us, it has finally arrived. This complete Collector's Edition set is absolutely worth the price, $89.90 (~RM330) which comes with:

  • An original copy of Resistance 2 game blu-ray disc
  • An exclusive Chimeran Hybrid action figure
  • A double-sided hard-cover Resistance 2 art book
  • A Bonus Disc containing:
    • Exclusive in-game HVAP Wraith weapon skin for multiplayer mode
    • Behind the Scenes video, "America Forever Lost"
    • Shattered History: The Resistance timeline video
    • Sneak peak at the upcoming Resistance novel, "Resistance: The Gathering Storm"
    • Digital copy of Issue #0 of the upcoming Resistance comic book series

Okay now, time to try out the game, ciaos...